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DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Njiwa Peleka Salaam | Taarabu

Playlist Downloader can download full SoundCloud playlist to your device. You can choose to download full playlist or download selected mp3 tracks from SoundCloud playlist. Playlist How to Instagram Video. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy - Contact Us.The best example of this creative blending of traditions is taarab music, the national sound of Zanzibar. Drawing in influences from the Arab world, India, Indonesia and the West, taarab blended these with the classical traditions of Swahili poetry, local rhythm and melody.

With the release of international recordings, the traditional sound of Zanzibar has won enthusiastic admirers from all over the world. Taarab orchestras resemble closely the classical Egyptian orchestras, with full violin section, cello and bass, but also accordion, oud, qanun, rhythm section, keyboards and ney flute. Taarab is the most common style of music performed at weddings on the Islands of Zanzibar.

It is an essential ingredient of most local celebrations. Taarab Music — The Soul of Zanzibar. Between calls to prayer from the many mosques, as you wander around town like in so many countries you will also hear the sounds of urban hip hop, dancehall music and reggae. But around the next corner you will be as likely to hear filmi music from India or the latest chart toppers from Egypt and the Gulf States. Thankfully too, the people of Zanzibar still value their own cultural traditions, so equally popular with people of all ages are the local musical forms, in particular the style known as modern taarab.

The place is never busier than these nights, probably the only occasions at the disco where it is the women who outnumber the men. The orchestra plays a style of taarab in which the distant middle eastern origins are still very much to the fore. Different theories abound about the real origins of taarab in Zanzibar. Legend has it that in the s Sultan Bargash sent a Zanzibari to Cairo to learn to play the qanun, a kind of zither, common to the Arab-speaking world.

Among the first singers to record taarab music in Swahili language was the legendary Siti bint Saad, who travelled to India to do so. Siti stopped performing in the s, but her records — solo and in duet with Sheikh Mbaruk — continued to be issued on 78rpm throughout the s and is still very much sought after and can fetch a lot of money. Hence much of the traditional taarab music sounds like a more Africanised version of some of the great Egyptian popular classical orchestras that played alongside singers like Oum Kalthoum, who is still played on Radio Zanzibar to this day.

Smaller amalgamations of the groups sometimes come together to play variations on the music, the most popular form with local people in the suburbs is a more percussive style called kidumbak. These are probably the best times to see the groups as they try to outdo one another with the finest singers and most pertinent lyrics. You would also be able to see these groups perform if you are in Zanzibar around the times of Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Hajj, the two major Muslim festivals.

Otherwise you would be very fortunate if you are invited to a local wedding, the best of which nearly always feature taarab or ngoma musicians.

Musicians can earn mind-boggling amounts of money in tips, which are usually placed in a bowl or basket in front of the lead singer. This fact has led to enormous popularity in Zanzibar, boosted by the prolific output of cassette recordings, which though not up to European studio quality standards, still outsell tapes by other artists local or international.

Other recordings that are very much recommended are listed below. As well as enjoying the music for many years to come, you will be touched by the soul of a culture which is indeed rich. Your Name required. Your Email required.

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Taarab rose to prominence in with the advent of the genre's first star, Siti binti Saad. According to local legend, taarab was started by Sultan Seyyid Barghash bin Said He enjoyed luxury and the pleasures of life. It was this ruler who initiated taarab in Zanzibar and later it spread all over the African Great Lakes region.

The sultan imported a taarab ensemble from Egypt to play in his Beit el-Ajab palace. He subsequently decided to send Mohamed Ibrahim from Zanzibar to Egypt to learn music and to play the Kanun. Upon his return, he formed the Zanzibar Taarab Orchestra. InZanzibar's second music society, Ikwhani Safaa Musical Clubwas established, and it continues to thrive today.

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Ikwhani Safaa and Culture Musical Club founded in remain the leading Zanzibar taarab orchestras. The word taarab is a loanword from Arabic. After the spreading of Taarab from the Sultan's palace to Zanzibari weddings and other community events, the first famous female singer of taarab was Siti bint Saad. Beginning inshe and her band were the first from the region to make commercial recordings. Playing in a similar style, Kidumbak ensembles grew popular, at least among the poor of Zanzibar, featuring two small drums, bass, violins and dancers using claves and maracas.

The s saw a group called the Black Star Musical Club from Tanga modernize the genre, and brought it to audiences far afield, especially Burundi and Kenya. More recently, modern taarab bands like East African Melody have emerged, as have related backbiting songs for women, called mipasho.

download taarabu

Taarab music [4] is a fusion of pre-Islamic Swahili tunes sung in rhythmic poetic style, spiced with Arab-style melodies. It is an extremely lively art form, and immensely popular especially with women, drawing all the time from old and new sources. Taarab forms a major part of the social life of the Swahili people along the coastal areas, especially in Zanzibar, Tanga and even further in Mombasa and Malindi along the Kenya coast.

Wherever the Swahili speaking people travelled, Taraab culture moved with them.

download taarabu

It has penetrated to as far as UgandaRwanda and Burundi in the interior of East Africa, where taarab groups compete in popularity with western-music inspired groups.This music is synonymous with the East African coast and is closely associated with Swahili culture and way of life.

Taarab music is akin to sung poetry. One of the key elements of Taarab instrumentation is the qanun or kanuna string zither that lies flat and is plucked like a harp. The beat of the coastal music is driven by African drums.

download taarabu

Tambourines and the accordion add to the melody and give it a Western feel. Taarab music has deep roots and is believed to have started in the Zanzibar Town off the East African coast. The many influences of this music reflect the various cultures that have passed through this trading area overmany years. As a regional art-form Taarab incorporates Swahili, Arabic and Egyptian cultures.

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Taarab musicians play specific instruments, which help to give the music its unique sound and feel. The qanun is one such instrument.

download taarabu

It is made of a narrow trapezoidal soundboard. Nylon or PVC strings are stretched over a single bridge poised on fish skins on one end, attached to tuning pegs on the other end.

Theinstrument is placed in the lap and played by plucking the strings with twopicks carved out of tortoise shells. Fingers can also be used to play it. Other popular instruments in Taarab include the Middle Eastern oud and dumbek drumIndian tablaWestern electric keyboards and Japanese taishakoto banjo.

Its rhythms are a mixture of local chakacha grooves, Indian film music, Cuban and Congolese Rumba and other East African influences. Song lyrics - Swahili poetry -are considered a literary tradition in their own right.

According to popular understanding of the genre, Taarabwas brought to the Zanzibar coast by Sultan Said Barghash, who ruled Zanzibar from to The sultan, who loved music, brought a group of Egyptian musicians, who started teaching the local musicians Taarab. Due to the influence of the Swahili lyrics and traditional chakacha beats, the music received a facelift - it was no longer the same music that the sultan had imported from Egypt.

The ruler then sent a Zanzibari musician named Ibrahim Muhammed to study music in Cairo. When he returned, he formed the Zanzibar Taarab Orchestra. It has around 35 active members and remains the top Taarab group in Zanzibar. Taarab penetrated all these areas due to the presence of Arab traders. It even went beyond — inland to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.This is the second of a four-part set by Globestyle and its affiliated labels covering the taarab music of Zanzibar.

Taarab is essentially a syncretic style of Muslim musics on the African coast mixed with heavy influences from Indian film music, Egyptian and Lebanese musics, and the like. This album, from the Ikhwani Safaa club, shows off the basic sounds of the genre. The club is a musical institution on the small island, founded by the sultan of Zanzibar in Women were allowed to join after the revolution of Now the sound is full and definitely shows its influences from the rest of the African coast, the gulf, and the far-off subcontinental styles, though the language is still largely Swahili in origin.

The music is highly flowing, with a clever rhythmic structure backing the whole of the songs. While the usual harmonium is missing, there is a more standard organ to replace its position in the ensemble. The singers, of both genders, are outstanding, with surprising clarity and vocal ranges. For anyone wishing to look into the many, many facets of taarab, this is one necessary stop along the tour. Others would surely include the taarab of other countries, including the strong Mombassa tradition.

Still, though the picture is not complete, this is an album worthy of being heard by all interested parties. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Top trending Taarab songs

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.Post a Comment. Kiatu Media. Home Mawasiliano Download Nyimbo.

Kinanda kimepigwa na Kally akishirikiana na Thabit Abdul. Solo limepigwa na Ramadhan Kisolo. Bass amepiga Jumanne Boya, Johncena Bass. Akizungumza na mtandao huu wa taarabuzetu. Mashauzi Classic Modern wakiwa mzigoni Katika msimu huu wa sikukuu za Idd Mashauzi Classic watakuwa Mji kasolo Bahari siku ya IDD Mosi, na Show zingine watakuwa Mbeya na Songea, katika show zote watapiga nyimbo mpya na nyimbo zote zinazotengeneza Albam yao mpya pamoja na nyimbo za zamani watazikumbushia pia.

Nyimbo zilizomo katika Albam hiyo pamoja na waimbaji ni kama ifuatavyo Mkurugenzi wa Mashauzi Classic, Isha Mashauzi!!! Mtandao huu ulipoulizia siku ya Uzinduzi alisema muda bado haujapangwa hivyo tutawataarifu, tunajipanga kwa kuja kutoa burudani kali zaidi siku ya Ufunguzi…!!


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Powered by Blogger. Report Abuse. About Me Unknown View my complete profile. Popular Posts. Nyawana Malkia wa Kinyamwezi.Taarab is among the oldest music genres in the coastal regions of East Africa. This blend of Asian, African, Indian and Arab music is as old as the first settlement of foreign sailors and traders in the region.

The captivating rhythm of Taarab songs and the almost storyteller like lyrics have made the genre quite famous across the nation. Taarab songs have spread to Uganda, Congo and various parts of Africa while going fully international and gathering an audience in the west, Europe and other parts of the world.

Read down below to find more best Taarab songs If you are just getting started with Taarab, this list of some of the top 10 Taarab songs is what you need to get started. We are going to feature famous Taarab songs from over the years and some of the most popular Taarab songs in the last one year. This Taarab song has all the nuances of a thoroughbred Taarab song, from the slow mellow vocals, occasional dialog in the song to the to the highly expressional Zumari melodies.

This song kicks in with the expressional but gentle drum action that sets the pace for that gentle waist gyration that is common to most of the best Taarab songs. The baseline beat is flanked by the trademark trumpet like pitches that set the stage for the shrill female voice hook before Mzee Yusuf lays down the stanzas in a rather calming tenor voice. Bata by OffSide Trick is one of the new Taarab songs that show a slight deviation from the Taarab old songs and try a new playful approach that is appealing to the modern audience without dropping its roots completely.

This song is full of crosstalk and hidden messages that you can only understand if you look deeper. Everyone society has a thing against gossips and rumormongers. This song by Mwana Idi Shaban gives us a glimpse at this side of the Swahili community by addressing the issue of gossips in the community. Despite its heavy message, this song is still captivating and you will find yourself transported into a calming but informative world by the soothing rhythmic bit and the controlled shrill vocals of the lead singer.

Paka Mapepe is another Taarab classic that always has a place in any list of Taarab best songs worth its salt. Even though the song has been around for a while, it is still a classic thanks to the complex interweave of different musical instruments complemented by one of the most iconic voices in recent Taarab history.

One of the most notable thing about this song is how it has long sections of nothing but instrumentals giving you a chance to just lay back and marvel at how good the music was composed. We are used to Swahili Taarab love songs since that is the natural trademark of this genre. East Africa Melody decided to throw a different cord by combining English with Swahili in this romantic piece.

Even though big chunks of the song are still in Swahili, you can not help but marvel at how the band managed to add intonation and drag to the English words so as to fit them into the slow Taarab style. We know there are many love and contemporary Taarab songs but very little is known of the Taarab gospel songs.

There is a wide range of old and modern Taarab songs that fit into this category. Dhamira Ya Mungu is a great example that has all the nuances of a Taarab jam, from the slow rhythm, the trademark vocals and complex mesh of different musical instruments. Kidudu Mtu is another Taarab song that focuses on rumormongers and tells a story on how the society hates such people.

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