Net is the biggest games toplist with many new functions. HopZone Network. Your server Here new servers section! L2Pey xp: 20 sp: 20 drop: 1 Interlude. L2 Hindemith xp: sp: drop: 1 H5. L2Keinesia xp: 55 sp: 55 drop: 15 C5. L2 Zeta xp: 5 sp: 5 drop: 5 Interlude. L2Erica PvP xp: 0 sp: 0 drop: 0 Interlude. L2e-Global xp: 50 sp: 50 drop: 30 Interlude. Comunity NightZone xp: sp: drop: 1 Interlude. Lineage2It xp: 3 sp: 3 drop: 2 Interlude.

Aldora Club xp: 30 sp: 30 drop: 1 Interlude. L2Gore xp: 15 sp: 15 drop: 7 Interlude.

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Lineage II Refused xp: sp: drop: Interlude. L2 Era Of Heroes xp: sp: drop: 1 Interlude. L2-Interlude xp: 50 sp: 50 drop: 40 Interlude. Lineage 2 Honor y Gloria xp: 20 sp: 20 drop: 2 Interlude. L2 ESX x xp: sp: drop: Interlude. L2Select xp: 0 sp: 0 drop: 1 Interlude.

L2 Free to Play xp: sp: 1 drop: 1 Interlude. L2JPrivate xp: sp: 1 drop: 1 Interlude. No P2W!

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L2ReunionX55 xp: 55 sp: 55 drop: 20 H5. Rebirth xp: 30 sp: 30 drop: 10 H5. Lineage II Waytrel xp: sp: drop: 1 Interlude. L2 Bajin xp: 0 sp: 0 drop: 1 Interlude.

Lin2Soul xp: 7 sp: 7 drop: 7 H5. Lineage 2 Covid xp: sp: drop: 33 H5. No Custom! Kamus Latinos xp: 10 sp: 15 drop: 5 Interlude. L2 Opakus xp: sp: 1 drop: 1 Interlude. L2 Cuarentena xp: sp: drop: Interlude. No pay to Win. Serious project born from player for player! Come and Join us! L2 Dav xp: 6 sp: 6 drop: 5 Interlude. L2 Juliano xp: sp: drop: 1 Interlude.

L2Segara xp: sp: drop: 4 H5. L2 Vital xp: 40 sp: 40 drop: 1 Interlude.La2on - new High Five Lineage 2 servers. Announcement of L2 HF servers with various rates.

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Top pvp L2 High Five server, opening today! Lineage 2 Announcer presents you a selection of new L2 High Five servers. We have added existing projects that accept gamers into their spaces daily. And they did not forget to consider the L2 High Five server, which will be opening in the near future.

For the users of our site, the start dates are given in a separate column. After reviewing the collection of lineage High Five servers, each person will choose a comfortable game environment for themselves.

Connoisseurs of the classical path of development will be able to join the players on lowrate or wait for the start in order to show their skills, skills and knowledge of la2 on a par with everyone. If you are tired of working for it, then you can relax on the lineage High Five pvp servers.

In the update, a huge list of new products have been added. However, the greatest bias is focused on the improvement of clans and innovations in the great Olympiad. In the announcements of Lineage 2, we collected the best live projects, with a good online; and distributed them into several lists. Fans of a calm, measured game should pay attention to the High Five server with low rates such as x1, x3, x5, x7, x They will delight in the classic version, where from 0 you can reach heights independantly or with a party.

You can show your skills in the arena of your character, show the knowledge of the nuances of your favorite race and just battle in equal conditions. Here you do not need to think about crafting, mining adena and similar game details. In the game store all the equipment is sold for a symbolic price, you can also buy the necessary stuff like belts, T-shirts, talismans and other pleasant things that increase the stats of the character. For people who are tired of exhausting work, quest chains and ordinary days in the lineup, the High Five x, x, x, x and higher pvp servers are suitable.

Here you will get the maximum amount of fun and a sea of pvp. If you want to start with the opening, then on the announcement of Lineage 2 a separate list of future projects is compiled, the start date of which can be viewed in a special space.

It is these chronicles that are the turning points between the old la2 and the new. The user is divided into 2 sides, the old school remains with past chronicles, and the new one tries his hand at HF.

The imbalance and confusion brought into the game with new skills does not cease to excite gamers and more and more often this topic is raised in discussions. For each update, there is a player, and High Five is no exception. HF are popular with gamers, and thus projects on this platform are often created. The developers decided to rally gamers. They implemented this idea by increasing the experience gained during the hunt for monsters in the party. Thus, it was possible once again to show that the L2 Hi-Fi servers are considered sociable.Time until reset: 14 days, 19 hours and 35 min.

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l2 new servers

Join to Our Guild of Royal Players! Be the Best and the Strongest! Special promotions for new Clans and newcomers.

Come play a stable and solid server. Join us today! Join Now! For all gammers for free, Visit US, Have fun! Grand Opening Date: On Special Thanks for all new players who will Come to US!!! New if you bring more than 10 players in server and you make it clan lvl 6 you take gift from Kadar NPC. Join Us! It's Free! You are waiting for a large-scale, diverse and damn large mod pantheon, about the ancient Greek gods, who once again got angry at humanity and beg.

Cansado de malos servers, admins corruptos, lineage super fruta o muy facil, entonces disfrutaras este nuevo server. Totalmente distinto, no fruta, no pvp, no custom, simplemente especial. Mucha mas info en la web. Custom PvP server Interlude. Rates x Unlimited enchant with low chanceBalanced Equip and more. Just Try, join right now! Everything Works for Us! We believe that customized weapons and armors can easily make PvP unbalanced.Forgot your password?

Or sign in with one of these services. L2Tales is getting huge on discord! Join our discord community and participate in future discord events with great prizes!

You can search for a clan, an alliance or event search for members to join your clan in this board. By grievous Started Tuesday at PM. By Wise Started April 4. Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Or sign in with one of these services Sign In With Steam. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Sign in with VKontakte.

l2 new servers

Sign in with Microsoft. Sign in with LinkedIn. All Activity Home. Start new topic Forums. Special Events Everything you need to know about the Events handled by our team.

English Section - L2Tales Reborn. General Discussion Feel free to talk about anything in this board. Marketplace You can buy, sell or trade ingame only items here. Suggestions Help us improve, share your ideas with us. Bug Report Report any game bug or error you may encounter on our server.L2DB L2 Servers.

New Lineage 2 servers Add new Server. High Five 16 Classic 7 Interlude 27 Fafurion 5 Prelude 6 Grand Crusade 1 Gracia Epilogue 1 Kamael 1 x1 3 x3 3 x5 5 x7 1 x10 3 x15 1 x20 1 x25 2 x30 4 x50 5 x55 1 x 9 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 1 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 1. New Servers - Opening soon Tomorrow. Classic x5. Interlude x5. Interlude x Day after tomorrow. Interlude x3.

Classic x High Five x Grand Crusade x Prelude x High Five x3. MoonLand Interlude PvP. Dark World. Classic x3.

Prelude x5. Fafurion x5. High Five x5. Classic x7. Classic x1. Kamael x Fafurion x Gracia Epilogue x High Five x1.

NET GvE. The ad is deleted automatically after the 61st day from an opening date. Short description without HTML. Rate X. Date Time For Dark style. For Light style. Select server not selected l2legends. RU SU COM NET We have just opened Officially on the 31st of October ofso anyone can start playing already.

We do not intend to develop any new features whatsoever. We believe that we have skills and the tools required to maintain the server, fix problems, and keep an eye on the community, although our time resource are limited. We are doing it as a hobby and we have full time jobs to make a living. The server hosting and the website have some monthly cost which we aim to cover by player donations. Check out the available packages. You can also help us to spread the word with your friends and voting us in the tops get daily Free VIP voting here.

The aim of this project is to last for as long as possible. We will not shut down the server and reopen it with a different name in two weeks like others do nowadays. For the sake of transparency, and to mitigate people concerns, find below an indicator of current server lifetime based on donations and expenses:.

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l2 new servers

Auth is Online - L2Server is Online. Search for: Search. We use cookies. OK Read more.Net is the biggest games toplist with many new functions. HopZone Network. Long-term project! Want your server here?

Contact us! Exilium World xp: sp: drop: 1 H5 H5 x rates, Recently reformulated! Easy Farm! Balanced Classes and PvP, Unique systems. Come play a solid server. Join us today! COM xp: sp: drop: 25 H5. L2 Viserion xp: 50 sp: 50 drop: 25 H5.

Join Now! L2 UnderGames xp: 10 sp: 10 drop: 3 H5. L2EdgePvP xp: sp: 1 drop: 1 H5. L2Seal xp: 15 sp: 15 drop: 8 H5. L2 AgainsT xp: 7 sp: 7 drop: 5 H5 Grand opening Rebirth xp: 30 sp: 30 drop: 10 H5. Comunidad Mundo xp: 15 sp: 15 drop: 2 H5.

l2 new servers

L2 Zero H5 xp: 20 sp: 20 drop: 15 H5.

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