Here's a thing about me: I only like factual, science-backed skincare. Even if something is trending on my Instagram feed or in my group chat, I'm fully skeptical until I've got my dermatologist's input sry, I don't like messing with my skin! That's why I immediately called up a derm and a gua sha expert to figure out everything there is to know—including, yes, whether or not the technique actually works.

Welp, tbh, it depends on who you ask, and what school of thought or, more accurately, training they subscribe to. According to Sandra Lanshin Chiu, acupuncturist and founder of Treatment by Lanshin in Brooklyn, there are actually two types of gua sha—facial and body. Body gua sha—a technique thought to stimulate the flow of blood, fluids, and energy within the body—is fairly aggressive the pressure is heavy enough that it's not uncommon to be left with hickey -like marks post-treatment.

But facial gua sha a newer, more modern variation is gentler, and instead involves " slowly stroking and massaging the face and neck to improve circulation and release tensionwhich can leave it less puffy and more glow-y. But even though the results of gua sha are often immediately noticed the zillions of post-gua sha selfies on Insta are proofthe effects haven't exactly been backed by science.

The good news? Bhanusali says gua sha is "relatively harmless," so there aren't any real concerns in getting—or giving yourself—a facial massage, as long as you aren't expecting to come out of it with a new face. Down to try out gua sha for the first time? Consider booking an appointment with a specialist— since you're applying pressure onto your face, it's a smart idea to have a professional do it first so you have a sense of how it should and shouldn't feel.

Once you're ready to take your practice to the comfort of your own bathroom, though, there's a few things Chiu suggests you keep in mind:.

If you're still feeling intimidated, YouTube tutorials are a great place to start. This video is a great introduction for first-timers:. These top-rated picks are great options to get you started:. At the end of the day, there are two types of people: Those who need a shit-ton of data and their dermatologist's stamp of approval before they do an-y-thing to their face hi, it meor those who don't really buy into Western medicine and are game to try out alternative treatments.

If you fall into the latter, there's no reason why you shouldn't take a stab at gua sha —especially since you're now equipped with every piece of knowledge you could need yeah, yeah, you're welcome. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Sigh—Here's How to Fix It.

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Ayesha R said, one night I did not find the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallamand I went out to seek him. I noticed that he was in Jannatul Baki, lifting his head towards the sky.

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sha nonstop night 2020

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sha nonstop night 2020

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